In this post, we will discuss why parenting agreements are so important during the divorce process.

Divorce can go one of two ways:

  1. It can go smoothly, in which case the parties agree on asset division, child custody, and all else involved.
  2. It can be rough in which case the parties do not agree on anything and there is quite a bit of contention.

Typically, when two parties are more agreeable the process of divorce can resolve sooner than when there is animosity and a lack of cooperation. Although many couples will focus their energy fighting for their split of the assets, if they have children then the kids should be the primary focus. It is imperative, therefore, that a parenting agreement is reached and finalized.

Creating a parenting agreement that will detail how you will manage the care of your children with your ex-spouse or partner, is important after divorce or end of a relationship. The creation of such a document can alleviate many of the concerns that come with divorce and provide a sense of stability for the children.

A parenting agreement is often referred to as a custody agreement, allocation judgment, or parenting plan. Whatever you want to call it, having one can ease the process of divorce regardless of whether it is required in your state or not.

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Key Components Of Parenting Agreements

A thorough parenting agreement will include several key considerations that should be evaluated. These issues may include but are not limited to:

  • Custody
  • Education
  • Medical care
  • Religious upbringing
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Religious upbringing
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Visitation rights
  • Transportation
  • Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Child support and financial issues

If you consider all of the things involved in raising a young human being, there are quite a few that need to be considered and decided upon. The more of these issues that may be agreed upon beforehand, the smoother the entire process may be and the potential for conflict down the road can be reduced.

Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help better ensure you include everything necessary to make your parenting agreement conclusive and thorough.

According to, it is important to keep track of your agreement in practice. This can be accomplished by simply maintaining a parenting journal. In the journal, you can record time with the kids as well as any big decisions that were made. If it is determined that the agreement is not being followed up on fairly, you can consult your attorney to help enforce the parenting agreement.

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If you are in the process of divorce or are considering such a step, consult an experienced legal counsel before taking action. The right attorney can help ensure you maintain your relationship with your children, while also having the opportunity to raise them regardless of who has custody.

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