Oak Park Divorce AttorneyEven as the negative consequences of using social media become increasingly clear, nearly everyone has a social media account on at least one platform. And while social media has been shown to have a negative effect on marriage, perhaps the effects of inappropriate social media use during an Illinois divorce can be even worse.

In fact, inappropriate social media behavior is so prevalent and so useful when it comes to arguing a divorce case that the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers states that 81 percent of divorce attorneys say that social media has helped a divorcing spouse search for evidence of bad behavior. Unfortunately for the spouse who posted it, this evidence can later end up in court. If you are getting divorced in Illinois, it is essential to understand harmful social media behaviors to avoid in order to secure the best possible outcome.

Venting About Your Divorce

Many people use social media as an outlet for venting their frustrations and pain during divorce. After a frustrating court hearing or a rude email from a spouse, it can be tempting to get online and seek sympathy from friends and family. But even though you may not be “friends” with your spouse on social media, it is not hard to access posts through friends or burner accounts. Nasty posts could trigger retaliation from a spouse and even end up in the hands of your children.

Posting Pictures Of Your Newfound Freedom

Many spouses breathe a sigh of relief once the divorce is underway. Although it may not be finalized, they figure they are finally free to pursue happiness and freedom once more. But while flashy photos of a “bachelor’s lifestyle” may elicit many likes and comments, they can also be used to call your income into question, or as evidence in an asset dissipation  hearing. Photos involving alcohol or drug use could even be used to demonstrate parental unfitness.

Stalking or Harassing Your Ex

This probably goes without saying–contacting an ex on social media is a bad idea. But social media can play a destructive role in your mental health, even if you never contact your ex. Simply following an ex’s posts, pictures, and relationship status updates can make it harder to think clearly during divorce and recover from the pain of emotional separation from your spouse.

Speak with a Hillside, IL Divorce Lawyer

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