palatine divorce lawyerMost people underestimate just how difficult it is to end a marriage. Divorce involves addressing multiple complex issues, including the division of marital property, parental responsibilities and parenting time allocation, and spousal maintenance. Spouses who can reach an agreement about how to handle these issues can avoid divorce litigation through the Court. However, discussing complex issues like these is difficult under the best of circumstances. Negotiating a divorce resolution with a soon-to-be-ex-spouse can be especially frustrating and complicated.

Fortunately, divorcing spouses have the option to attend divorce mediation and work with a professional mediator who will help them have productive, fruitful conversations regarding unresolved divorce concerns.

Receiving Professional Assistance When Reaching a Resolution

Mediators are trained professionals knowledgeable in communication, conflict de-escalation, and negotiation. Mediators do not make any decisions for the couple or tell them how to handle the end of their marriage. Instead, the mediators help the spouses reach their own conclusions by facilitating constructive discussions and reducing conflict during negotiations.

Remaining in Control of the Divorce Outcome

The terms of a divorce can impact the spouses for years and even decades after the split. Understandably, most divorcing spouses want to ensure that their voice is heard and they have a say in how the divorce is resolved. When you use mediation to address divorce issues, you are not asking the Court to make a decision for you. You remain in control of the divorce outcome.

Keeping Personal Matters Confidential

Parties discussing divorce issues will inevitably bring up personal information about finances, child-related matters, or even infidelity and other private matters. These private matters should remain confidential. Fortunately, mediation is a confidential process. Unlike Court hearings, mediation sessions are closed-door meetings not open to the public.

Setting the Foundation of a Good Co-Parenting Relationship

Divorcing couples with children will need to be somewhat involved in each other’s lives even after the split. Mediation can help couples decide child custody issues in a way that is non-adversarial and cooperative. The communication skills parents learn during mediation can benefit them substantially during their future co-parenting relationship.

Reducing Stress and Expense

Litigation through the Court can be expensive and time-consuming. Divorce trials can be especially costly. Spouses who can reach an agreement on divorce terms during mediation will not have to ask the Court to decide for them. This can save the couple significant time, energy, money, and stress.

Contact a Palatine Divorce Lawyer

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