wheaton divorce lawyerAlthough all Illinois marriages start with high hopes and expectations, almost half of them end in divorce. While those who have never had to make the decision to get divorced may see people as either “married” or “divorced,” the truth is that there are often many steps in between a full commitment to marriage and resignation to divorce. After so many years of hard work, making memories, and raising children, when is it time to throw in the towel and give up the effort to save your marriage? Here are three signs from relationship experts that you may not be able to salvage your relationship. 

You or Your Spouse are Abusive

Abuse of any kind is unacceptable and you do not have to tolerate it. If you cannot stomach the idea of leaving for yourself, consider your children and the example you want to set for them. You may hate the idea of your children growing up without their other parent, but it is rare that an abusive spouse spares the children forever. Unfortunately, spouses are often also mutually abusive to each other. If your relationship has reached the point that you are both engaging in unacceptable behavior, it may be time to call it quits and seek help. 

Chronic Infidelity

People make mistakes and affairs are common. However, there is a difference between a single night’s slip-up at a corporate Christmas party and an ongoing emotional affair. If you are constantly catching your spouse telling white lies or making excuses about their poor behavior with other men or women, things are not likely to change and you may want to consider finding a partner who shares your values about trust and commitment. 


Most people break the speed limit; however, most people do not steal, assault, or commit any other serious crimes. If your partner commits a serious crime, the consequences may be lifelong for them and anyone who is connected to them. Even if it was a one-time occurrence, you may always struggle to trust their judgment and wonder if they will do such a thing again. If your partner breaking the law causes you to question their moral compass, it may be best to end the marriage. 

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