kane county divorce lawyerMany people who get divorced have never participated in a legal proceeding before. The divorce process can be daunting legally, financially, and personally. Television shows and movies depicting divorce as a dramatic courtroom battle only increase divorcing parties’ fear and apprehension.

Fortunately, divorce is rarely as litigious as TV shows would lead one to believe. Only a small percentage of divorce cases end up at trial. The rest are resolved through a mutually agreed-upon settlement.

If you are getting divorced, you do not have to undertake this process on your own. An experienced divorce lawyer can provide trustworthy legal advice and guidance from beginning to end.

Alleviating the Emotional Burden

Divorce lawyers offer a multitude of benefits, but perhaps the greatest benefit is minimizing the burden on the divorcing spouse. Going through a divorce is ranked as the second most stressful life experience someone can endure. Ending a marriage can be exhausting and overwhelming. When you work with an attorney, you know you are not bearing this load on your own.

Avoiding Unfair Divorce Agreement and Protecting Your Rights

You deserve a divorce outcome that is fair and reasonable based on the facts of your case. Unfortunately, some divorcing spouses try to manipulate the outcome of the divorce by hiding assets, underreporting income, or taking other evasive actions. Your attorney’s job is to help ensure that any resolutions are in your best interests.

Advocacy During Settlement Negotiations

Most divorce cases are settled through ongoing negotiations between the parties. This is why it is important to work with an experienced attorney skilled in the art of negotiation. An attorney with ample experience will be familiar with negotiating tactics and strategies as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Ideally, your divorce is settled and you avoid a trial. However, your attorney should also be prepared to represent you in court if needed.

Practical Assistance with Paperwork and Court Procedures

Divorce can uproot a person’s life. The last thing you want to deal with during a major life transition like divorce is legal documents and paperwork. Without an attorney handling these practical matters for you, it is easy to make omissions or mistakes on paperwork or miss filing deadlines. Let your attorney handle this aspect of the divorce so you can focus on what really matters: Taking care of yourself and your children.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes During the Divorce Process

There are financial advantages and disadvantages to every possible divorce outcome. Your lawyer can help you evaluate the pros and cons of various property division arrangements, spousal maintenance agreements, and more. Your attorney can help you identify ways to reduce taxes and avoid unnecessary financial fees and penalties. Most importantly, he or she will ensure you do not make legal mistakes that follow you into your post-divorce life.

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