b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_390387649-1.jpg Sexual harassment has impacted the entertainment industry profoundly, and professional sports are no exception. Many different professional sports stars have been accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault throughout the past few years. In 2018, former Chicago Bears player Richard Dent was accused of sexual harassment by two women who allegedly interacted with him during business functions. Dent wanted to find out the identities of his accusers but was recently denied that opportunity by the Supreme Court.   

Football Star Accused of Harassment and “Drunk and Disorderly Behavior”

Richard Dent first learned of the allegations against him when two attorneys for Constellation NewEnergy met with him and explained the situation in September of 2018. The attorneys explained that a woman claimed he harassed her on two different occasions. The first incident was during a golfing event in 2016. The second incident occurred in 2018 at another work-related event. Furthermore, Dent was allegedly seen acting “drunk and disorderly” at a hotel in downtown Chicago.

Dent denied the accusations levied against him. However, his contracts with Constellation NewEnergy were quickly terminated.

Dent’s Attorney Says that the Allegations are Baseless

Richard Dent’s attorney claims that the allegations are completely false. Constellation NewEnergy refused to provide the accusers’ identities to Dent, so his attorney filed a case under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 224. He planned to sue the accusers for defamation. However, the Supreme Court has since ruled that Dent’s accusers have qualified privilege and will stay anonymous.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers in DuPage County, Illinois

Workplace sexual harassment is a prevalent issue throughout Illinois and the United States. If you were sexually harassed at work, do not wait to speak out. Your employer has a legal duty to rectify the situation. If an employer fails to take corrective action after a sexual harassment allegation, the victim may be entitled to legal remedies, including monetary damages.

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