Illinois dog bite injury lawyerAnyone can be bitten by an aggressive dog. Even adults can suffer serious injuries as a result of dog attacks. Children, however, are particularly vulnerable to dangerous dogs. They are also more likely to be seriously harmed when they are attacked by a dog. Most breeds that are often associated with aggressiveness, such as pit bulls and German Shepherds, are large breeds likely to outweigh a young child. 

It is important for parents to discuss dog safety with their children to reduce the likelihood of a bite. However, even if a child knows exactly what to do around a potentially aggressive dog, they may not be able to protect themselves. If your child was injured by a dog, you may be able to recover financial compensation on their behalf. In Illinois, dog owners are responsible for preventing their pets from harming others and can be held legally liable should they fail to do so. 

Why Children Are More Likely to Suffer a Dog Bite

Adults generally have better judgment skills than children. Children may not pick up on more subtle signs that a dog is agitated or aggressive and ready to bite. Reasons that children are at greater risk of being attacked by a dog include: 

  • Excitement – Children who like dogs tend to become very excited when they meet a new pup. They may yell, jump around, or run toward the dog excitedly. This can frighten a skittish dog, who may bite out of fear. 
  • Fear – Conversely, children who are afraid of dogs may engage in similar behavior by screaming and running. This can also cause a frightened dog to mistake the child for a threat and flee. 
  • Petting procedure – Strange dogs should always be approached in a very specific way so as to reduce the risk of a bite. Children are more likely to immediately attempt to pet or grab a dog without knowing whether the dog is friendly. 
  • Roaming – Children often play outside in their neighborhoods, riding their bikes around or looking for their friends. This means they are more likely to encounter dogs who are chained in their owner’s yards or even loose. 
  • Inability to fight back – While adults may sometimes be able to fight back against an attacking dog, children may not be able to do much in the way of self-defense. 

A child’s head and neck are often roughly at eye level for larger dogs. While adults are more commonly bitten on their hands or legs, children may suffer bites to their face, neck, or upper torso. This can make dog attacks particularly dangerous for children. 

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