shutterstock_759005119-1.jpgCouples getting divorced in Illinois face many obstacles and the idea of self-representation throughout the divorce may seem sensible for many reasons. After all, divorce has a reputation for being expensive and time-consuming, and if you can do the relevant research and problem-solve proactively with your spouse, why not just do the legal legwork yourself? Yet even for the most straightforward-seeming divorces, potential complications abound and representing yourself could end up costing you far more time and money than you expect. Here are three good reasons not to represent yourself in your DuPage County Divorce. 

Get Answers to Your Questions and Legal Advice

While you can get the necessary divorce paperwork yourself and find the information you need to fill it out online, when you have questions about interpreting the law, answers can be very difficult to find. Divorce law is sometimes equal parts science and magic, making case law and precedent difficult to understand. Additionally, certain judges have a reputation for ruling in certain ways that could be beneficial or harmful to your case and without an experienced attorney, you will have no way of knowing whether a judge is likely to rule in your favor or approve your divorce agreement. Having an attorney can solve all of these problems and provide on-demand legal assistance whenever necessary. 

Mistakes Can Be Expensive

People often avoid hiring an attorney because legal costs can be difficult to afford. But making mistakes throughout the divorce process can also be very expensive – not only because minor bureaucratic mistakes can end up making the divorce take longer, but because making a divorce settlement that is not to your advantage can cost you financially well into the future. Even just for the sake of having an experienced perspective, legal representation is valuable during divorce so you can avoid common mistakes and negotiate to your advantage. 

Your Relationship With Your Children Could Suffer

Illinois family law has made important changes in recent years that have tried to balance out the financial and emotional responsibility of raising children on both parents. Unfortunately, judges can still have biases, so having an assertive attorney who can help you protect your parental rights may be essential for protecting your relationship with your children. This is especially true for fathers, who unfortunately still face some bias in family court. Investing in an attorney now could pay major dividends in terms of helping you have more parental responsibilities and parenting time in the years to come. 

Call a Flexible DuPage County Divorce Lawyer

At The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C., we strive to represent our clients in a way that protects their interests while meeting their financial and strategic priorities. If you are getting divorced and want the help of a flexible DuPage County divorce lawyer, call us now at 630-462-9500 to schedule your initial consultation. Our offices are conveniently located on Naperville Road and we offer consultations in person and on Zoom. 



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