Wheaton Criminal Defense LawyerDid you know that the human brain does not finish developing until a person is in their mid to late 20s? The prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that regulates impulse control and problem-solving, is one of the last parts of the brain to reach full development. It is no surprise that teenagers and young people sometimes make rash, irresponsible decisions.

If your child was charged with theft, possession of a fake ID, assault, drunk driving, or another criminal offense, do not lose hope. The state of Illinois recognizes that many juvenile offenders are good people who made a poor decision. The state has instituted various diversion programs that may keep juvenile offenders out of detention facilities and give them a chance to turn their lives around.

Diversion Programs Give Youth a Second Chance

Fortunately, Illinois prioritizes rehabilitation over punishment when it comes to juvenile offenders. The state offers several diversion programs that allow juvenile offenders get the help they need and avoid strict criminal penalties. Completing certain diversion programs may result in the dismissal or reduction of criminal charges. Other programs are used to help juvenile offenders avoid further criminal charges. For example, the llinois Second Chance program provides services to offenders under the age of 17 ½ who suffer from addiction or mental health problems who are being released from correctional facilities. The program provides aftercare young people need to reduce the chances of recidivism.

Components of Illinois Diversion Programs

Juvenile diversion programs vary based on the age of the offender, the nature of the offense, and the jurisdiction. However, all programs have the same goal of helping a young person turn his or her life around. Diversion programs often require the juvenile to participate in:

  • Mental health and substance abuse screenings

  • Mental health services like counseling or therapy

  • Educational services

  • Family therapy

  • Crisis intervention programs

These programs focus on the root cause of a juvenile offender’s actions. For example, many young people suffer from undiagnosed conditions such as ADHD or bipolar disorder. Others have dysfunctional or even abusive families. Some simply need a listening ear and a second chance.

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