Sunday, April 17, 2022

Britney Spears asks judge to deny mom’s request for over $660K in legal fees

SpearsBritney Spears has asked a judge to deny her mother’s request for the singer to pay over $660,000 in legal fees.

Lynne Spears’ filed a petition in November to request legal fees, in which she claimed that she hired a team “to assist Britney to break the restriction imposed by the conservatorship.” 

Britney Spears’ attorney Matthew Rosengart filed an objection to the petition for payment on April 5, arguing that “Lynne is a third party to the conservatorship and that there’s no authority that says a third party can obtain funds from a conservatee’s estate to pay for attorneys hired by that third party.

Rosengart also mentioned that Britney Spears has paid over $1 million over the last decade for Lynne to live in a “large, expensive house” and also argued that Britney pays for Lynne’s “utilities, telephone services, insurance, property taxes, landscaping, pool work, pest control, repairs, and maintenance, totaling $1.7 million. . .” 

A ruling has not yet been made. 

See Melissa Roberto, Britney Spears asks judge to deny mom’s request for over $660K in legal fees, Fox Business, April 8, 2022.

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