Illinois Employers Must Now Inform Employees of Availability of Essential Health Benefits

Illinois’  “Consumer Coverage Disclosure Act” is now in effect for all employers who provide group health insurance coverage to their employees.  This new law requires employers to share a comparison of their plans’ health benefits against the essential health benefits (EHBs) regulated by the State of Illinois.

Employers’ plans do not need to contain all EHBs.  The reason for the comparison is simply to show how employer coverage stacks up against the State’s list of essential benefits.  The State of Illinois provides a template for use in complying with the required notice, which you can find here

Employers must share this information to all employees upon hire, annually, and upon request.  Employers should develop a plan for compliance with their insurance providers, brokers, administrators, and counsel.  This act is an example of  just one of many mandatory disclosures Illinois employers must make periodically to their employees.  If you’re an employer and want to learn more about your notice obligations to workers, schedule a time to discuss with us how we can help.  

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Gary Savine is an Illinois employment lawyer and founder of Savine Employment Law, Ltd. in Chicago. Gary regularly advises human resources professionals on recently enacted employment laws.

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