Wheaton Drug Crimes Defense LawyerPublic opinions about certain substances, like marijuana, have changed significantly in the last few decades. However, cocaine is still an illicit substance and criminal charges for cocaine possession are harsh. If you or a loved one were charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance, reach out to a lawyer for personalized guidance on how to handle the situation.

Possession of Cocaine

Cocaine is considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance in Illinois. Schedule 1 drugs have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical purpose. Consequently, possession of cocaine is considered a serious criminal offense. If you are caught with cocaine in your possession or in your property, you face felony charges. The severity of the charge depends on the amount of cocaine allegedly in your possession. Under Illinois law, possession of cocaine is a Class 1 felony offense. If you are convicted of cocaine possession, you could face many years in prison.

Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine

When an individual is found with large quantities of cocaine, cash, scales, baggies, or other items used in the sale of cocaine, he or she may be charged with possession with intent to deliver. Selling illicit substances like cocaine is considered a much greater offense than merely possessing the substance. Individuals convicted of possession with intent to deliver can face decades in prison.

What To Do Next

If you or someone you care about were accused of possessing or selling cocaine, contact a lawyer right away. Do not speak to the police. Criminal defendants have a constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination. This means that they can refuse police questions and remain silent. In many cases, remaining silent is one of the best ways to aid in your own defense.

Contact a Wheaton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Illinois considers cocaine to be a highly illegal, dangerous substance. Being convicted of possessing, selling, or manufacturing cocaine can have life-changing consequences. You could lose your freedom. This is why you need a criminal defense law firm with years of experience and knowledge to help you defend yourself against cocaine charges.

The DuPage County cocaine defense attorneys at Davi Law Group, LLC understand what is at stake. We can help you gather evidence and form a strong defense strategy against drug charges. We fight aggressively on our clients’ behalf.

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