Wheaton Family Law AttorneyThere is a misconception surrounding divorce and divorce attorneys: many people assume that retaining a divorce lawyer is only needed if the split is especially hostile. In reality, working with a divorce lawyer can benefit you, your soon-to-be-ex, and your children even if the situation is amicable. Getting divorced involves many complex financial, legal, and practical concerns. Your attorney can help you address these concerns in a way that minimizes the negative impact of divorce on you and your wallet.

Benefits of Retaining an Attorney During Your Naperville Divorce Case

Television and movies have driven many popular misconceptions about divorce. One of these misconceptions is that working with a lawyer automatically means that your case will be unnecessarily litigious and antagonistic. This is not the case. Many divorce attorneys focus more on providing trustworthy guidance and practical assistance than stirring up conflict. If you are on the fence about hiring a divorce lawyer, consider the following benefits of working with an experienced divorce attorney:

  • Making an educated decision about how to proceed – If you are like many people getting divorced, you may not know what to expect. An experienced attorney can explain the advantages and disadvantages of dispute resolution methods like mediation and help you choose the course of action most appropriate for your situation.

  • Avoiding expensive mistakes during property and debt division – Even if you and your spouse are willing to negotiate the division of assets and reach an out-of-court agreement, you still need guidance. An attorney can help you understand how to divide your assets in a way that minimizes taxes and avoids unexpected financial complications.

  • Ensuring your divorce decree reflects your wishes – Divorcing spouses may reach their own agreements about asset division, child custody, and other divorce issues and submit the agreement to the court for approval. This agreement becomes the final divorce decree. Your attorney can help you ensure that your divorce decree is error-free, unambiguous, and accurately states what you and your spouse decided on.

  • Helping you navigate disagreements – Even if the split is initially amicable, conflict may arise during the divorce process. Your attorney can help you properly address any areas of disagreement and negotiate a solution.

  • Completing paperwork and meeting deadlines – As you may imagine, legal issues involve significant paperwork. Your lawyer can make sure documents are completed and submitted properly so you avoid any delays caused by mistakes or missed deadlines.

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