gurnee real estate attorneyThere are a wide variety of legal issues that can affect people who are involved in real estate transactions or who are looking to determine their options for receiving debt relief through bankruptcy. Understanding these issues can often be difficult, but our firm strives to provide people with helpful information by regularly publishing blogs that cover these topics. The following blogs were most popular with our readers in 2021:

  1. What Happens When a Bankruptcy Case Is Dismissed? – This blog looks at reasons why a bankruptcy case may have ended, affecting a person’s ability to discharge their debts. The blog was recently updated with additional information about how foreclosure proceedings may be affected by a dismissal.

  2. How Do I Get Information About an Illinois Bankruptcy Case? – This article provides helpful information about how public records related to a bankruptcy case may be accessed.

  3. If I Leave the Country, Will My Personal Debt Follow Me? – While some people may consider moving out of the United States to avoid debts, this blog looks at why doing so will likely not be the best solution.

  4. Why Do I Need an Attorney for Buying a House in Illinois? – We look at the benefits of working with a lawyer when buying a home, including how an attorney can assist with negotiating a purchase contract and address other legal issues during a transaction.

  5. What is Chapter 22 Bankruptcy? – Even though Chapter 22 is not an official type of bankruptcy, some businesses may seek debt relief by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy more than once.

  6. Can a Trust Protect My Assets if I Declare Bankruptcy? – This blog looks at when trusts may be used to prevent assets from being seized and liquidated during the bankruptcy process.

  7. What Is the Difference Between Foreclosure and Repossession? – We look at the procedures that may be followed when a person defaults on different types of loans.

  8. Understanding a Consent Foreclosure in Illinois – There are some cases where a homeowner may agree to the foreclosure of their home. This blog was recently updated to look at how second mortgages or other junior loans may affect a consent foreclosure.

  9. Can a Church File for Bankruptcy? – This blog addresses the legal issues that may affect a bankruptcy filing by a religious organization.

  10. What to Consider When Evicting a Commercial Tenant in Illinois – This blog looks at when a landlord who owns commercial property may evict a tenant, the procedures they will need to follow, and alternatives to eviction that may be available.

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