b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_1789733465.jpgAs a parent or a guardian, the last place you want to hear from is the Department of Children and Family Services. However, DCFS receives thousands of calls from concerned individuals on an annual basis, meaning that many parents experience a knock on their door from DCFS agents who must look into a children’s wellbeing. 

What is a DCFS Case? 

The Department of Children and Family Services is a government agency that focuses on the safety and wellbeing of children. With a mission to protect children at all costs, agents who work for the Department of Children and Family Services investigate reports of abuse or neglect regarding children. 

DCFS will open a case in order to investigate the abuse or neglect claims that they have received. DCFS often hears about situations in which children are potentially being abused or neglected when people call into the 24/7 DCFS and report their suspicions of neglect or abuse. From there, DCFS will explore the validity of the claims. 

Four Steps Involved in Appealing a DCFS Case 

If a DCFS case has been opened regarding you and your children, you may feel startled, on high alert, or all-around confused. When you are informed about what to expect, you can take away the element of surprise at the very least, which can make the situation slightly better. 

Additionally, know that you do not have to accept the claim that your children are not in good hands. Remember that a DCFS case is opened on the basis of somebody else calling to report abuse or neglect in the home, but that does not mean abuse or neglect is taking place. There are times where child neglect and abuse claims are unfounded, in which case you should strongly consider appealing the claim made against you. 

If you are looking to appeal a DCFS case, you may want to follow these four steps: 

  • Hire a DCFS defense attorney. 

  • File an appeal. 

  • Schedule an appeals hearing. 

  • Receive a final decision. 

Hiring a DCFS Defense Attorney 

As with all legal cases, it is wise to retain a lawyer when you are looking to appeal a claim made against you with DCFS. Not only can the legal terminology and proceedings be confusing to those who are unfamiliar with the law, but DCFS cases can be extremely emotionally draining as well. 

It is best to hire an attorney who has experience with child abuse and neglect claims because they can work on the logical approach to building a case in your favor while you process the emotions surrounding the experience. Additionally, a lawyer with experience handling DCFS claims will know how to guide you as they work to combat the child neglect and abuse allegations in an effective manner. 

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