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For many parents that are divorcing, the conclusion of the process marks the end of any legal obligations or rights they have stemming from the marital relationship. Post-divorce is very different for parents with minor children, who must continue to comply with the court’s order concerning their children’s care and support.
Illinois’ statute on the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time presumes that both parents are fit to exercise custody and visitation, so many find themselves in a co-parenting situation. Though the parties are no longer a couple, many parents can fulfill their respective roles without issue.
Unfortunately, not all parties that divorce will encounter such a favorable situation. The concept of parental responsibilities includes making decisions that concern raising the child, and each parent may have different opinions about how to do so. While the circumstances are not ideal, many individuals are able to smooth things over with help from child custody lawyers in Chicago. Here are some tips on co-parenting when you can’t get along with your ex may also be helpful.
Set Emotion Aside: You no doubt experience anger, sadness, depression, and a range of feelings after divorce, but you should not allow these emotions to impact the parent-child relationship. Some co-parents can find success despite their differences when they treat the other as a business partner, someone with whom you work to achieve a common goal. Some specific tips in this area include:

  • Make requests, not demands.
  • Strike a balance between listening and speaking.
  • Always keep the conversation focused on your child.

Consider Divorce Apps for Managing Custody and Visitation

There truly is an app for everything, and there are numerous options that pertain to parental responsibilities and parenting time. The most useful technologies incorporate ways for co-parents to communicate via text messages that are monitored. Any inflammatory language will be flagged or deleted, thus avoiding additional conflict. In addition, many apps track communications between parents in case you need evidence for legal proceedings.

Strive to Agree on the Basics

An amicable relationship may not be possible, but many co-parents are able to find common ground on the basics of raising the child. Do your best to reach compromise on:

  • Rules on homework, curfews, and online activities.
  • Discipline when the child breaks the rules.
  • Scheduling for visitation, including routine parenting time, holidays, and school breaks.

Take Legal Action as Necessary

If the co-parenting relationship has broken down to the point that it affects your rights, you might need to move forward by taking disputes to court. Parents can petition the court to enforce the existing order on custody and visitation, and it may be possible to modify the arrangement to account for a change in circumstances. However, note that many parenting agreements require the parents to try to resolve their issues through mediation or other out-of-court processes prior to seeking a court’s intervention.

Trust Child Custody Lawyers in Chicago to Assist with Disputes

It is not easy co-parenting when you can’t get along with your ex, but these tips and knowledgeable legal help can help alleviate conflict. For more information on parental responsibilities, please call Michael C. Craven at (312) 621-5234. We can schedule a consultation with a Chicago child custody attorney who can explain details about the law.

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