illinois license defense lawyerSocial media platforms have become an integral part of many people’s daily lives, often without realizing just how integral. People post photos, comments, opinions, and memes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and several other sites on a regular basis. While social media is often a good place for keeping in touch with family and friends, and even networking, it is crucial to be vigilant about what you are posting, especially if you work in certain fields, such as nursing. In fact, items from your social media posts could ultimately be used against you in any actions taken against you by the Illinois Board of Nursing.

Conduct That Is Unprofessional

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of having someone tag us in a photo that we think we look horrible in. It is now out there for everyone to see. However, if you are tagged in a photo that also shows you engaging in behavior that may be considered inappropriate or unprofessional, the photos can be used as evidence against you as ground for any disciplinary action by the state nursing board.

Examples of these types of photos include ones where you may be seen drinking and partying. Maybe comments made on the photo could also be deemed inappropriate even if made at an attempt at humor, such as a joke about how inebriated you were.

Nurses must also be careful about the comments and opinions they share on social media. It is one thing to have opinions in private, but if you share these opinions on a public forum and parties find them discriminatory or offensive, you could be fired from your job and/or face other disciplinary action.

Sharing Confidential Information

Whether it is information regarding your workplace or information regarding a patient, putting it out there on social media can lead to all kinds of issues. Complaints about co-workers or superiors can end up getting back to that person. This is also true about any posts you may make about the medical facility you work at. Anything that is posted on your social media can be used against you by your employer.

Posting anything about a patient is not only inappropriate, it also may be a HIPAA violation. In addition, if a patient sees a complaint you post on you social media that could be directed at them, or just something deemed unprofessional in general, that patient could get upset enough to file a complaint with you employer and/or the Illinois Board of Nursing. There have been cases where nurses have lost their jobs or been investigated by their state’s nursing board for sharing information about a patient, even when the patient is not named.

Call an Illinois Professional License Attorney for Legal Assistance

While social media can be fun, it can also cause all types of legal issues if you are not careful about what you are posting. If you have run into one of these issues and your job and/or your nursing license is being threatened, contact an Illinois nursing license defense lawyer to find out how we can help. Call The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC at 630-310-1267 to schedule a free consultation today.


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