Hinsdale Family Law AttorneyAfter getting through the last stages of divorce, the thought of dating again may be off-putting. Many people are nervous to jump back into a relationship, after all, a relationship is how they ended up divorced in the first place. Others are excited at the prospect of having another chance to get it right. However you feel after your Illinois divorce, the prospect of dating again eventually crops up for everyone. Making wise decisions and thinking carefully about your actions can help you find a healthy, happy relationship whenever you are ready to start dating again.

Wait Until Your Divorce is Final

One problem attorneys frequently see is clients who decide to start dating again before the divorce is over. Besides the personal problems that can come from not taking the time to stop and reflect on your previous marriage, dating before the divorce is final can complicate and sometimes even harm the divorce process. Exposing your children to new relationships or going out late at night may be a red flag for your ex-spouse, who may then decide to try to prove you are not fit to have parenting time or parental responsibilities. For these and many other reasons, it is best to wait until your divorce is final before starting anything new.

Make Sure You Are Dating For the Right Reasons

Once you start thinking about dating again, ask yourself questions about why you want to find someone new. Is it because you are afraid to be alone? Nervous that you may never find love again? Bored? There are no right answers to these questions, but knowing why you are dating and what you are looking for will help you choose a partner who is a good fit.

Go Slow

Anyone who has been married and divorced knows that both good and bad things can develop slowly over a long time. If you want to start dating again, take your time. There is no rush to know everything about someone right away. Take the opportunity to get to know someone in many different settings. Meet their friends, explore mutual hobbies, and, most importantly, do not make any commitments before you are ready.

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