elmhurst delayed c-section lawyerC-sections, short for “cesarean sections,” are generally a safe alternative to giving birth vaginally. C-section deliveries can be planned in advance, but can also happen unexpectedly or in an emergency. Prolonged labor or pregnancy complications often require C-sections to preserve the health of the mother and the baby. 

When timed and performed correctly, C-section deliveries can save lives. But when doctors do not recognize that a C-section delivery is necessary, a delayed procedure can cause serious injuries and even death. Read on to learn more about when C-sections may be necessary and the potential consequences of improperly delaying this important procedure. 

What Are Common Injuries From a Delayed C-Section? 

Injuries resulting from delayed C-sections are one of the most easily preventable birth injuries, making it especially devastating when obstetricians fail to recognize their necessity. Infants are at greatest risk of catastrophic birth injury, and common types of injury include: 

  • Cerebral or Erb’s palsy

  • Birth asphyxia, or failure to breath at birth 

  • Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, or lack of blood flow to the brain

  • Shoulder dystocia, an injury that occurs when a baby’s shoulder gets stuck in the mother’s pelvis 

  • Brain damage or injury

  • Developmental delays 

  • Infant death 

In addition to the physical and emotional pain and suffering both the infant and her parents experience, delayed C-sections can cause medical conditions that can last a lifetime and be very expensive to care for. 

When Are C-Sections Necessary? 

Although obstetricians are ultimately the best person for determining when a C-section is appropriate, common situations that trigger the need for a C-section include: 

  • The baby is breech (bottom or feet first) or otherwise in a poor position for delivery

  • The baby is struggling to move through the birth canal, making vaginal delivery dangerous

  • The mother has an underlying health condition that makes vaginal delivery unsafe

  • The labor process is not advancing appropriately 

  • The baby’s heart rate is unstable or dropping

  • The baby’s head cannot fit through the mother’s pelvis

Although many of these conditions are recognizable before birth, a skilled obstetrician must make judgment calls about when C-section deliveries are necessary during labor. Making mistakes or failing to begin a C-section in a timely manner can have serious consequences. 

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