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If you’re a cannabis aficionado, you probably like socializing with others who share your interests. While many cannabis users utilize mainstream social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you might want to check out some of the cannabis-specific networks available.

Since the cannabis business has developed tremendously in recent years, the sector’s and associated businesses’ upward development will continue as the regulatory structure continues to favor them.

Adults over the age of 21 can consume cannabis recreationally in 19 states. The majority of states in the United States have decriminalized drug possession and usage. With this advancement, the possibility to lawfully advertise cannabis and associated goods has become feasible.

Cannabis companies, however, may suffer from some restrictions or have their accounts permanently suspended if they attempt to post cannabis-related information on some mainstream social media platforms.

Those in the cannabis industry who want to connect with customers and other specialists on their mobile devices have frequently encountered resistance from Apple and Google app stores, which refuse to offer cannabis-related apps. This opposition was viewed as an opportunity, and the cannapreneurs quickly established their own cannabis business social network.

Nowadays, you may connect, communicate, and engage with other businesses/customers and promote the growth of your product using social media, whether you’re a publicly traded firm, a local dispensary, or someone who simply grows a few plants in their garden.

In this article, we list 7 cannabis business social networks you need to be a part of, if you want to succeed in 2021. 


By giving shops with the infrastructure they need to thrive, this company hopes to make marijuana more mainstream.

Weedmaps is the Yelp of the cannabis industry. Weedmaps is a dispensary and delivery service directory. There is no social component to it, but it does provide you access to a lot of information about each ad on their site.

You may read reviews from other people who have used the product or service, learn about the hours and location of a dispensary, and look at their menu of goods for sale, as well as their costs.

Weedmaps is available for iOS/Android smartphones on the App Store or Google Play. It receives over 500,000 monthly visits from throughout the world, with over five million app downloads.

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, this platform can assist you in finding the greatest strain, the best retailer, or even a dispensary for cannabis-related health services. Cannabis companies, on the other hand, may register and list their brand on Weedmaps’ official website.

You may also provide pertinent information about your company to reach out to the large audience that exists here.


WeedLife Network has only been operational since 2013, but it’s a platform worth paying attention to because it’s part of a network of more than 40 websites. You can browse the latest news from weed-related companies, watch other users’ videos and images, and interact with others in discussion forums through the social networks news stream. With a global reach of 120 countries, message boards, social media marketing options, and groups allow like-minded cannabis aficionados to interact over similar interests.

WeedLife is primarily a social media networking site for consumers, but businesses are increasingly turning there because that’s where the customers are. In fact, before you begin, you’ll have to pick between a personal and a commercial profile. Users with a business account can advertise their goods and add their dispensary in the WeedLife directory. You may also highlight your most recent promotions.

The website is user-friendly, as is the mobile app, which allows cannabis users to connect with locals and find nearby dispensaries when they’re traveling.


This social network for cannabis businesses makes networking simple whenever you’re on the road, thanks to a mobile app that sends notifications directly to your device. Cannabis enthusiasts may build profiles in order to engage with one another, and online buying is very simple. Weedable allows social users to follow their favorite brands and business users to engage with consumers on a personal level. It also serves as an online water cooler, bringing together all of the newest marijuana-related news.

Weedable allows you to follow, post, and purchase all from one web platform. You may join Weedable and create your own online profile, whether you’re a business, an individual, or just wanting to interact with other cannabis enthusiasts.


LeafWire, founded in 2018, is a cannabis business social network with a more professional focus than a recreational one. It’s been dubbed the “LinkedIn” of the cannabis industry. There are two types of profiles available: cannabis professional and accredited investor.

LeafWire is a platform that connects investors with cannabis entrepreneurs. You can network with investors if you are a business owner. If you’re an investor, you’ll be able to assess a variety of cannabis enterprises.

With yearly sales of almost $25 billion and 250,000 employment, the cannabis sector is booming. LeafWire is taking advantage of this trend, and a wise cannabis company owner may benefit from it.

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Did you find a social network that works for your cannabis business?

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GrassCity Forums

The GrassCity forums are the oldest cannabis social network on the internet. GrassCity began as a forum for cannabis growers where they could get how-to manuals and share their experiences, but it has now evolved into an all-encompassing social network where users can connect, share cannabis tales, and swap advice and product evaluations.

GrassCity has around 700,000 members and has recently created a mobile app to make it easier to access from any device.

Bud Hubz

BudHubz is the cannabis version of Foursquare. You may use this service to meet new people, get accommodations, locate a headshop, and even locate a doctor in your area. BudHubz is a free and simple to use application.   The software has a lot of advantages for cannabis businesses and marijuana users all around the world. You may pick a location to visit and interact with local cannabis aficionados. You may also use this forum to educate marijuana users about your brand and the legalization of the plant.


MassRoots, was founded to connect college students. Its aim is to connect college students who consume cannabis and are frequently looking for reputable stores in their area. Over a million people are already connected to this network.

MassRoots is a great place for cannabis businesses and shops to use for branding. The most notable feature of MassRoots is that it does not encourage user participation via discussion forums. Users are encouraged to leave comments and review goods. It also features a loyalty program that entices users to participate actively by offering movie tickets, concert tickets, and festival passes.


The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding. As a result, using a social media network to reach out to potential customers is a good idea. Thousands of buyers and vendors may be found via a social media platform. Despite the fact that there is a perplexing array of cannabis social networks. You should engage in them if you own a business and are attempting to advance in the industry.

Each cannabis business social network has its own set of advantages. You should seek for one that meets your precise requirements. For example, if you want to focus on privacy and product evaluations, you’ll probably choose MassRoots. However, if you’re wanting to employ workers for your business or find a career in the field, LeafWire is a good option.

Remember that one of the things that makes cannabis great is its community, so either way, give these social networks a try, you won’t regret it!

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