Illinois parenting planThe school year is underway for children throughout the Chicago area, and many families continue to adjust to the new schedule to accommodate classes, sports, and other activities. For co-parents who share custody, the start of school might also mean addressing your Illinois parenting plan. The arrangement that was in place over the summer may not be workable now that children have a different structure. Plus, the holidays and vacations that are closely tied to school will impact your family over the next few months.

It can be difficult to anticipate the exact details to include in a parenting plan when you need to factor in school, breaks, and your own personal and professional schedule. With guidance from a child custody lawyer in Chicago, you can create a firm foundation that suits your needs. You can also review some parenting plans must-haves now that school is in session.

Options and Factors to Consider

The Illinois parenting plan statute outlines the requirements for co-parents with respect to the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time, terms used to describe what you may know as custody and visitation. There are numerous factors listed in the law for purposes of the minimum requirements for a parenting plan. However, there are a few points that specifically pertain to how school, holidays, and vacations work in your arrangement for co-parenting:


  • Details on the child’s living arrangements and parenting time, which may be based upon a schedule or formula for determining the schedule.
  • The child’s residential address for school purposes, which may be different from the living arrangements for custody.
  • Specifics on transportation between co-parents’ homes according to the parenting plan schedule.
  • A mediation provision as a means of resolving proposed changes to parenting time.
  • Provisions on modifications to the parenting plan upon the occurrence of certain events.
  • Requirements are related to parental relocation and notification to the other co-parent.

Once again, you will also need to keep in mind the paramount consideration when custody and parenting plan questions arise: The child’s best interests.

Legal Process for Modifying the Parenting Plan

If the new school year and schedule necessitate major changes to custody and/or visitation, co-parents can attempt to work out an agreement regarding the parenting plan. Plus, in compliance with the statutory requirements, your current parenting plan should include details on mediation for making modifications. Through this process, co-parents might be able to reach an agreement on changes with assistance from a trained mediator. A court hearing, similar to a trial, may be necessary to resolve any outstanding disputes.

Contact a Child Custody Lawyer in Chicago About Parenting Plans 

Hopefully, this information on the must-haves for your Illinois parenting plan helps you with scheduling for your child’s school, holidays, and vacations over the next few months.

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