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UPDATE: Lupron continues to be prescribed by doctors for a variety of different medical conditions. Treatment for endometriosis is one of the most common uses of the drug, and it is meant to provide pain relief. The drug may also be used to prolong the life of men who have advanced prostate cancer, and it is also used as a hormone blocker in cases where children begin experiencing puberty at an early age. However, Lupron has significant side effects that affect most patients, and in many cases, patients are not fully informed about the potential impact of using this drug.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received more than 25,000 reports of adverse issues experienced by patients who have taken Lupron. Many patients have experienced serious pain in the bones and joints, as well as loss of bone density and atrophied muscles. Other side effects include vision loss, suicidal ideation, increased risk of strokes, fibromyalgia, and convulsions. The potential health issues that patients may experience are severe enough that the FDA recommends that the drug be administered for no more than 12 months during a person’s lifetime.

Even though the risks of side effects are high when using Lupron, many patients have reported that they were not informed about the potential negative impact on their health. These health issues can be debilitating, and they may cause long-lasting or permanent impairments. Patients who have experienced these issues may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer of the drug. A doctor or medical provider may also be liable for injuries that occurred due to the failure to properly consider side effects or inform patients about the risks of using the drug, especially in cases when the drug was prescribed for “off-label” purposes that are not approved by the FDA, such as to delay puberty. 

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Lupron is a hormonal regulator that has several dangerous, if not oft-publicized side effects of which every patient should be aware. The drug is prescribed to help slow early-onset puberty in teenagers, to men who exhibit signs of prostate cancer, and to help treat women with endometriosis, a rare condition in which the lining of the uterus grows outside the actual uterus. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the first adverse reaction to Lupron was discovered in 2012, after marketing of the drug had already began, and consisted of a rarely-reported complication of the liver. Six months later, the FDA reported that Lupron could result in lung complications and disease, and one year later, the FDA found serious complications of the drug that could lead to liver injury or convulsions, such as those experienced by patients who suffer from epilepsy.

Most patients take Lupron in the form of a daily shot, according to WebMD. In children, dosage is based on weight and what type of therapy for which the drug is being administered. One easy test to see if the drug is defective is to check the liquid for particles or discoloration, according to WebMD. The site of the injection should be changed periodically, so as not to overload one particular area with too much of the drug at any given time.

Regardless of where or how it is injected, however, Lupron can have deadly side effects. According to, one doctor advised that the drug should be pulled from the market as early as 2008. The doctor alleged that the manufacturing company of Lupron did not adequately study the possible side effects of the drug before approving it for consumer use. In 2009, the pharmaceutical company agreed to pay $875 million “to settle claims that it paid kickbacks to doctors to promote Lupron,” reports. More than 12,000 reports of Lupron’s negative side effects have been reported to the FDA, resulting in more 1,100 deaths.

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