A brain injury can affect every aspect of a person’s life. The sexual consequences of traumatic brain injury are typically underestimated.

Many persons, who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, may complain of lower sexual desire or lack of desire after the injury. In other cases, persons may actually experience a spike in interest in sex after a brain injury. That can result in impulsive sexual behavior, promiscuity, and other inappropriate behaviors. These persons may make inappropriate sexual advances, making others uncomfortable.

Patients with a traumatic brain injury also often complain of failure to become sexually aroused, or difficulty attaining an aroused state. They may experience difficulty in achieving or maintaining and erection, or difficulty or inability to achieve an orgasm.

All of these changes in a person’s sexual functioning can severely impact his self-esteem, and lower the quality of his life.

In a personal injury claim, the spouse of the person with a brain injury can file a claim for loss of consortium. Loss of consortium will seek to compensate the spouse of the victim for loss of sexual relations, as well as loss of affection, care and companionship as a result of the injury. The injured victim can also make a claim for loss of enjoyment of life.

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