A: Winter or Summer?

B: Phoebe Bridgers or Taylor Swift?

C: Drake or Kanye?

D: Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs? 

E: Audiobooks or paper books?

Danny O’Neill: 

A: Summer!!
B: Tay Tay
C: Kanye all day!
D: Tough one. Pulp Fiction
E: Paper, when I have the time!
Erica Kerman

A: Winter
B: T Swift
C: Drake
D: Pulp Fiction
E: Paper!
Priya Gianino

A: Summer!
B: Taylor Swift, 100%
C: Gotta go with Drake because of my answer to b
D: Yikes, neither!
E: Paper books always
Meghan Niego

A: Summer, by far!
B: I’m not a Taylor Swift fan, but haven’t heard of Phoebe Bridgers. I’ll have to check out her music! 
C: Drake
D: Pulp Fiction
E: Paper books
Kenneth Anand

A: Summer
B: Taylor
C: Ye
D: Pulp Fiction
E: Paper books
Michelle Butler

A: Summer
B: Phoebe Bridgers
C: Drake
D: Never seen Reservoir dogs so Pulp Fiction
E: Paper books all the way!
Victoria Minneman

A: I love both!
B: Taylor Swift
D: Reservoir Dogs
E: Audio Books
Heather Burkett-Ocasio

A: Winter year round!  (Which is ironic because I’m a Florida girl!)
B: I’m a Taylor Swift fan
C: Kanye’s music, Drake’s personality
D: Definitely Reservoir Dogs
E: Give me a hardcover book any day!
Danielle Maggiacomo

A: Summer, hands down. I’m a beach bum, born and raised
B: Taylor—I love that she is re-recording her first six albums in order to regain creative control after her rights were unwittingly sold to Scooter Braun. There’s an important IP lesson here!
C: Kanye, circa 2007
D: Reservoir Dogs
E: Paper! I love words so much. I wantto be able to re-read and hold onto them