Illinois family law attorneyWith summer in full swing, you may be thinking about taking a fun trip with your kids. However,  if you recently got divorced and have a child custody order to follow, it can make things a little more complicated. To avoid mishaps, be sure to plan ahead and keep your child’s co-parent in the loop.

Reviewing Your Parenting Agreement

If you share custody of your kids with your ex, it is a good idea to look at the parenting agreement before taking your children on vacation. Look for information regarding holidays and taking trips with your kids. The document may address important questions, such as how much notice you have to give the other parent and how long of a trip you can take. If you are having difficulty understanding some of the terms in your parental agreement, do not hesitate to talk to your Illinois family lawyer.

Discussing Your Travel Plans with Your Ex

Before you can take your kids on a trip, you must inform your ex about your plans. Tell your ex details about your vacation, such as where you want to go, how you plan to get there and when you will be back. Try to give the co-parent as much notice as possible about the trip. This way, if your ex does not want you to take your children on a trip, you will have time to submit a petition before the Court to enforce the agreement.

It is also important to be flexible with your travel plans. If your ex, for instance, tells you that his or her parents’ anniversary party is the same weekend you want to take your children out of town, you think about modifying your plans. Your children will get to experience both events and your ex will not get upset.

Letting Your Kids Communicate with the Other Parent on Vacation

Your ex and kids will likely miss each other during the trip. That is why you should arrange for them to talk on the phone or Skype while you are away. Your parenting plan may also contain information about how and when parents can communicate with the children during the other parent’s parenting time. Following the provisions of the parenting plan can help avoid arguments and even possible legal action with the other parent. 

Contact a Palatine, IL Family Lawyer

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