crystal lake car crash lawyerThe National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that left turns account for 22 percent of all motor vehicle accidents. If you were injured in an accident caused by a driver who made an improper left turn, you may be entitled to receive compensation. It is in your best interest to discuss your case with a skilled Illinois vehicle accident lawyer promptly.

Why Left Hand Turn Accidents Are Dangerous

Making left-hand turns is a necessary part of driving. However, if they are not done correctly, left-hand turns can contribute to vehicle collisions. Here are a few reasons why these turns can be dangerous.

  • Blind turns – When you are about to make a left-hand turn, you must look for vehicles coming from both the left and right. However, if your view is obstructed, it will be more difficult for you to do this, increasing the risk of a car accident.

  • Difficulty judging speed – Making a proper left-hand turn requires the right timing. If you do not turn at the proper time, you are in danger of getting into a T-bone accident.

  • Yellow traffic lights – When the light turns yellow at an intersection, you are supposed to slow down. However, some drivers still try to make it through the light, which can increase the chances of a vehicle collision.

Determining Fault in a Left Hand Turn Accident

It is often assumed that the driver making the left-hand turn is at fault for a left-hand turn accident. However, this is not always the case. In certain situations, another motorist may be held responsible for this type of accident. For instance, if the driver making the left-hand turn has a green arrow and the car coming from the other direction drives past a red light, the motorist who ran the light would be at fault in a car accident. Another driver may also be at fault if he or she was sending or reading a text message or intoxicated when the vehicle accident occurred.

Contact a McHenry County Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffered injuries in a left-hand turn accident, you should speak to a Crystal Lake, IL car accident attorney about your case. At Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, we understand how traumatic a car accident can be and are here to help you pursue compensation. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation by calling 815-338-3838.


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