IL Drug Conspiracy Defense LawyerMedical providers who work with controlled substances are required to follow multiple laws and procedures, and they are likely to face scrutiny about their practices of prescribing and dispensing drugs. Doctors, pharmacists, and other providers are required to register with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and they must maintain this registration in order to be able to continue prescribing, administering, or dispensing controlled substances. The DEA will often investigate suspected cases of drug diversion, and in addition to pursuing criminal charges, it may suspend or revoke a provider’s controlled substance registration, which can lead to other consequences that affect their ability to continue practicing. Conspiracy to possess, dispense, or distribute a controlled substance is one offense that the DEA will be looking to address, and providers will want to be aware of the types of activities that could lead to an investigation.

Texas Doctor Sentenced in “Pill Mill” Conspiracy

One recent case illustrates the types of activities that may lead the DEA to pursue drug conspiracy charges. An oncologist in Fort Worth, Texas was convicted of conspiracy to dispense a controlled substance and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. He and several associates were accused of operating a drug ring and writing prescriptions for drugs such as hydrocodone and oxycodone that they knew would be diverted and sold illegally.

The people involved in the conspiracy used recruiters who would work with homeless people and others in the community to pose as patients and obtain prescriptions. In many cases, these “patients” would be seen by a clinic manager rather than a doctor, and they would then fill prescriptions at local pharmacies that were complicit in the scheme. The drugs would then be sold on the street.

Over nine years, the doctor and his associates issued hundreds of thousands of prescriptions for controlled substances, and in many cases, multiple prescriptions were issued at the same time, with drugs being prescribed at the highest doses available. The doctor was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison, and others who were involved in the conspiracy also received sentences, including another doctor, a nurse practitioner, staff members, and pharmacists.

While most practitioners will not face these types of charges, the DEA will be on the lookout for any activity that may indicate that multiple people have conspired to issue illicit prescriptions that allow controlled substances to be dispensed to people for medically unnecessary purposes. Any medical provider who has been accused of participating in a drug conspiracy or other issues related to prescribing or dispensing controlled substances will want to consult with an attorney to determine their options before agreeing to surrender their DEA registration.

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