Family law is more than just divorce or custody hearings. While this is a big part of what family law firms do, the most rewarding part of a family law case is the end of the case and seeing a satisfied, happy, relieved client.

Family law also deals with adoption, prenuptial agreements, paternity, and modifying existing law orders. If you are dealing with anything that has to do with family relationships, you can work with a family law firm to get help with your case.

Petrelli Previtera focuses on the client and the client’s goals when we work with families. We understand that there are complex issues when dealing with family law. We always handle the situation with the utmost care, professionalism, and respect, while working to get you the best possible outcome.

Family Law vs. Other Areas of Law

There are a lot of areas of law and most of them are vastly different for family law. Other areas of law tend to be more about paper pushing or making money as opposed to the client and their goals.

These Are some major differences between family law and other areas of the law.

  • Corporate Law: This is an area of the law that focuses on corporations and large businesses.
  • Small Claims: Small claims is when there is a dispute over an amount of money that is under the threshold of the states limits for small claims cases.
  • Personal Injury: Personal injury law firms are dedicated to getting money or other assets for a client who has sustained a personal injury due to another person or entity.
  • Environmental Law: Environmental law is focused strictly on the environment and factors that could potentially be hazardous to the environment.

Family Law and Addressing Your Goals

Family law is different from the areas of law listed above. This area is truly about families and we know how important and complex families are to our clients. It is important in family law to find a firm that will focus on your goals and what you need from them.

Not every situation is the same. In family law, it’s important to look at each individual case and determine what your best options are.

How Does Petrelli Previtera Handle Family Law?

We know family law and all the complexities that come along with it. We also understand that each one of our clients have their own individual goals when it comes to their case. Our job is to help you understand the law as it pertains to your case, as well as your rights and your best options.

Our lawyers can help you with any adoption, alimony, divorce, or custody case that you are involved with. We are an experienced team of divorce lawyers and we are ready to help. Call us at (866) 465-5395 to schedule a consultation.