IL hospital review board lawyerFor many medical professionals, including doctors, surgeons, nurses, and physician assistants, the ability to provide services for patients in hospitals is crucial to their practice. Whether a person is a full-time staff member at a hospital or has courtesy privileges or surgical privileges, being able to see and treat patients at the hospital will ensure that they can provide quality medical care. This means that medical professionals will want to be aware of any issues that could lead to the loss of hospital privileges. By defending against this form of discipline, providers can avoid issues that may affect their medical license and their overall career.

Reasons for Loss of Hospital Privileges

In some cases, a person may face discipline to their hospital privileges due to issues involving the hospital. Accusations of substandard patient care or malpractice that occurred at the hospital may cause the hospital’s review board to take disciplinary action. These actions may involve a limitation on a person’s privileges, a temporary suspension of privileges, or a permanent revocation of the ability to see and treat patients at the hospital.

A hospital may also discipline a professional for issues such as violations of hospital policies or problems with other staff members. For example, a doctor who has acted abusively toward nurses or other members of a hospital’s staff, refused to accept constructive criticism or listen to suggestions from other providers, and publicly criticized the hospital and its staff members may be asked to explain this behavior by the hospital review board. The board may then choose to reprimand the provider and restrict or suspend their hospital privileges.

Hospital privileges may also be revoked due to other issues that affect a medical professional and impact the quality of care they provide to patients, even if they occurred outside the hospital. If a person’s medical license is suspended or revoked because of criminal convictions, substance abuse, or other issues that affect their ability to practice, they may also lose their hospital privileges. The suspension or revocation of a person’s controlled substance registration following a DEA investigation may also be grounds for the loss of hospital privileges.

Contact an Illinois Hospital Review Board Hearing Attorney

In many cases, disciplinary issues that affect a person’s medical license or other aspects of their practice will lead to multiple types of consequences that impact their ability to continue providing services to patients. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC, we can help you defend your medical license, your hospital privileges, and your DEA registration, and we will work to minimize the potential disciplinary action you may face and ensure that you can continue practicing. Contact our Illinois hospital privileges defense lawyer today at 630-310-1267 to arrange your free consultation.




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