dupage county child custody lawyerIn our last blog, we discussed some of the challenges that Illinois parents of infants and toddlers often face when getting a divorce. We know that parents of children of all ages need support during the divorce process, and we continue this week by addressing some important considerations for parents of children who are in elementary school. The unique needs of children of this age require special attention when it comes to issues like child custody and child support.

How Do Elementary-Aged Children Respond to Divorce?

By the time children reach the age of 5, they are starting to form more lasting memories and become more aware of the world around them. This awareness only increases as time goes on. Elementary-aged children may pick up on signs of the divorce, especially if there is visible conflict between their parents, but they are unlikely to fully understand what is happening and why. As a result, they may have many questions about the divorce, most of which revolve around their concerns that they are at fault. They may be worried that their behavior is making one of the parents want to leave, or even that their parents do not love them anymore. The stress of the divorce can also affect a child’s relationships with their friends and peers, as well as their performance in school and their general mood. In many cases, a child psychologist or family therapist can be beneficial to help children of this age cope.

Providing for Elementary-Aged Children in Your Divorce Resolution

Children between the ages of 5 and 10 are often more amenable to shared parenting time arrangements, and this is an important consideration when you and your spouse are working out a parenting plan. However, elementary school children also have a school routine to consider, and they are often starting to get involved in sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities.

A parenting schedule that allows a child significant time with each parent is usually in their best interest, but it may be best to keep the majority of the time with one parent, especially if they live closer to the child’s school. A parenting plan for elementary school children should also address transportation to school and activities, as well as decision-making and information sharing about these matters. A child support order may also need to consider additional expenses for things like tutoring, lessons, and equipment for extracurricular activities.

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