Even after a resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, your business will probably not return to its pre-Covid-19 normal, especially since your business may have accommodated or adjusted to a remote work force.  This decentralization means you may have to devote more time and resources in protecting your business’ intellectual, confidential and proprietary property and information.  In order to enhance your protection, your business should:

  • Build and maintain strong and secure IT and communication systems that include your employees’ remote locations.
  • Educate, instruct and empower employees to identify and report threats, avoid unsecure situations and be protective of your business property.
  • Reinforce and adapt policies, procedures and protocols to protect your business and its assets in a remote environment.
  • Own and inventory all devices that employees use, track all passwords, and require use of only your virtual private network (VPN) and approved encryption methods.
  • Limit or restrict access to only those with a need to know and only when needed, and track access, copying, downloading and de-authorization.
  • Update or use noncompetition, nondisclosure, trade secret protection, invention assignment and other agreements, and publish consistent policies and procedures.
  • Continue to track new and to maintain existing patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade names, d/b/a’s and application portfolios, and mark as confidential or proprietary all files and materials that are.
  • Routinely and periodically scan, review and observe electronic records, devices and employees to ensure compliance and to locate potential security breaches.

Your business’ intellectual property can be highly valuable, and its dissemination or disclosure devastating.  If you have any questions or concerns about protecting it or addressing its disclosure, please contact us.


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