Naperville, IL attorney for High Conflict divorcesFor couples who are able to complete their divorce in a quick manner with little conflict, it is a huge accomplishment. In many cases, couples are not on the same page with one another when they begin their divorce. While it is possible to go through a divorce with a contentious spouse, it will likely take much longer than an uncontested divorce and would involve much more stress and strife than is needed. However, the majority of couples do not have a choice on whether or not they get divorced from an agreeable or combative spouse. When children are involved, especially, steps should be taken to ensure that you are reducing your divorce stress as much as possible.

How to Lower Divorce Stress

Conflict during divorce can not only provide you with undue frustration, but it can also cause long-term effects on your children. Studies have shown that children whose parents take part in divorces riddled with conflict typically face issues later in life, such as intimacy issues or even difficulty regulating their emotions. Here are a few ways you can help keep your divorce stress to a minimum:

  • Examine your method for divorce. There are various ways you can complete a divorce. In a traditional divorce, litigation is usually used and may or may not involve going to trial. In most divorce cases today, though, some form of alternative dispute resolution is used, such as the collaborative process or mediation. Alternative dispute resolutions can be extremely helpful in allowing you and your spouse to get divorced on your terms, which may help minimize any conflict you face.

  • Try to minimize communication with your spouse. Most of the time, conflict arises when the couple has to communicate with one another. If you know that communication is not your strongest suit, you should aim to either set rules and boundaries for when you communicate or try to limit your communication as much as possible.

  • Be open and flexible. One of the keys to a successful and stress-less divorce is flexibility. You should be willing to cooperate and compromise with your partner when you go to get a divorce. If you or your partner are unwilling or unable to cooperate with one another, even just a slight bit, this can cause immense stress for you, your partner, and your children.

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