IL injury lawyerThousands of products are recalled for safety concerns each year. In some cases, companies preemptively realize the fault before consumers are injured. In other cases, defects in a product can cause injuries or even death before the company is made aware of the defect. Either way, the company could be held liable for injuries caused by their product, especially if the injury was caused by something that was not the consumer’s fault. This seems to be the case in the recent recall issued by IKEA, a Swedish furniture and home goods manufacturer. IKEA recently recalled thousands of cups, bowls, and plates that were reported to have caused injuries across North America.

Dinnerware Is Prone to Shattering

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), IKEA recalled around 159,000 units of the “HEROISK” and “TALRIKA” model cups, plates, and bowls from North America last week, with around 11,400 of those units being recalled from Canada. The recall was a result of reports of the dinnerware becoming brittle over time and cracking or breaking. Some of the incidents resulted in burns from hot food or liquids, but only one of the incidents reported was from the U.S. There has been speculation that the material the dinnerware was made out of could be the reason for the brittleness. According to the CPSC, the units were made from PLA, which is polylactic acid or polylactide, a material made out of renewable resources.

Burn Injuries and Their Complications

All of the reports of injury that were received for these products were due to burns sustained by victims, some of which needed medical attention. Most of us have been burnt in some form over the years, however, burns can become extremely painful and even life-threatening in some situations. Burns are typically classified by degrees depending on how severe they are. A first-degree burn only touches the top layer of skin, while third-degree burns reach all the way to the lowest layer of fat beneath your skin.

In some cases, when burns are serious, they can also cause scarring and disfigurement and may require extensive surgery or skin grafts to repair what is burnt. Burns are also prone to infection, as the skin is often raw and open as it heals. If you develop an infection from a burn, you may not be able to heal as well as you should and could even die from the infection. If you sustain a burn from a product, you should immediately seek medical attention and report the burn to the CPSC.

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