Cook County workers’ compensation lawyer for carpal tunnel syndromeWorkers’ compensation insurance is often associated with sudden injuries. However, not every work-related injury or medical condition occurs during a one-time accident. Many office workers are at risk of developing medical problems from sitting and using a computer for long periods of time. One of these medical concerns is carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel can cause painful symptoms that reduce a person’s ability to do their job and carry out everyday tasks. If you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, it is important to learn about your options under Illinois’ workers’ compensation laws.

What Are the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel?

If your job requires you to perform the same task over and over, you may be at risk of repetitive stress injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome is repetitive stress or repetitive motion injury that is most often associated with typing or using your hands and wrists for long periods of time. The most common symptoms associated with carpal tunnel include:

  • Tingling or “electric” sensations in the fingers, hand, wrist, and arm

  • Numbness in the hands and wrists

  • Muscle weakness that makes it difficult to grasp objects

How Is Carpal Tunnel Treated?

If a doctor suspects that a patient may have carpal tunnel syndrome, he or she may use various medical tests, including a wrist flexion test, Tinel’s sign, x-ray, or electromyography. In some cases, the condition may be treated with non-surgical interventions, including pain medication, cortisone injections, and wearing a wrist splint. In more severe cases, a carpal tunnel sufferer may need surgery. If you require surgery, you may be unable to complete certain work-related tasks for up to six weeks.

Does Carpal Tunnel Qualify Me for Workers’ Comp?

In Illinois, employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses are entitled to compensation through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. If your carpal tunnel is directly linked to your work duties, you are most likely entitled to financial compensation through workers’ compensation. You may be compensated for your medical expenses such as medication and surgery, as well as part of your lost income from missed work. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation claims process is often complicated. The insurance company may offer you an inadequate payout or even deny your claim entirely. If you find yourself in this situation, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer for help.

Contact an Elk Grove Village Workers’ Comp Lawyer

If you developed carpal tunnel syndrome because of your job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. For help filing a claim, appealing a denied claim, or addressing other issues related to workers’ comp, contact a DuPage County workers’ compensation lawyer at Kaiser Hafezi Law. Call 630-233-9946 for a free consultation.


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