In this post, we report the originating jurisdictions for the Court’s criminal cases during the years 1990 through 1999.  Once again, we omit Cook County from the chart to make it more readable; Cook County produced 268 criminal cases during the nineties.  Lake County, the third biggest county in terms of population, is second in criminal cases.  Douglas County, which is only 58th in population – home to only 19,623 people according to the estimated 2019 population – was third in criminal cases during the 1990s.  Will County, the fourth biggest county by population, was next, followed by disciplinary cases from the ARDC.

The rest of the jurisdictions producing multiple cases are reported below.  Twenty-four additional jurisdictions contributed one case each to the Court’s criminal docket.

Join us back here next week, when we’ll address the civil and criminal cases from the years 2000 through 2009.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Gary Todd (no changes).