IL divorce lawyerMany people are familiar with the term ‘starter home’ and what it means. A starter home is usually a very affordable home a person or couples buys when they are just starting out in life. Typically used as an introduction to real estate ownership, people soon give up their starter home within five to ten years and move on to something bigger and better. Today, ‘starter marriages’ are also becoming more common and it has been found that these unions are at a much higher risk for divorce. However, while the chances of a starter marriage dissolving are much greater, like starter homes, a marriage early in life can actually bring benefits to those that enter into them.

What Is a Starter Marriage?

A starter marriage is typically defined as one that is entered into before a person turns 30, and one that ends before that age, as well. During a starter marriage, it is typically unlikely for a couple to have children, and they also usually involve little joint property. Still, a starter marriage may mean different things to different people. For some, a starter marriage may last over two decades, and others may have children during their marriage.

Like many marriages, starter marriages may end for many different reasons. And, like many divorces, couples may learn many things about themselves during the process.

Why Are Starter Marriages More Likely to End in Divorce?

Like other marriages, a starter marriage may end in divorce for many reasons. The most common of these are as follows:

  • Marrying for the wrong reasons, such as to have a big party or because marriage is thought to bring a sense of security
  • People have an unrealistic idea of marriage and think it is an endpoint rather than the beginning of a complex relationship
  • People may marry their high school sweetheart without understanding that they are not really in love
  • Couples have unrealistic expectations of each other and do not have a conversation about the role they will play in the marriage

While divorcing is never easy, there are some benefits to reap from a starter marriage, even after it ends.

 What Benefits Do Starter Marriages Offer?

It is always advised that couples are certain they want to marry and that they expect the marriage to last, before taking the plunge into matrimony. However, when a starter marriage ends in divorce, couples often find they walk away from the relationship with the following benefits:

  • An improved ability to compromise
  • Knowing what they want as an individual
  • Knowing what they do not want in a partner
  • Being less likely to take things for granted
  • A deeper knowledge of how important it is to take one’s time in a relationship

Even when a marriage does not work, individuals that enter into a starter marriage often walk away with valuable wisdom that they carry with them through subsequent relationships.

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