Few people expect that they will need to protect themselves from a romantic partner. However, one out of four women and one out of nine men experience domestic violence, accounting for 15 percent of all violent crimes. Victims of domestic violence can take steps to escape an abusive situation by seeking help from an attorney and filing for an order of protection from their partner or spouse. However, even after escaping domestic abuse, many people struggle to move on and rebuild their lives.

What Is an Order of Protection?

An order of protection is a court-issued directive that provides legal protection for victims of domestic violence, abuse, or stalking. An order of protection can include a variety of requirements, including an order to stop the abuse, limits on contact between an abuser and his or her victims, and a requirement for the abuser to move out of a shared home. Having an order of protection in place can provide safety, and an alleged abuser can face serious consequences, including criminal charges, for violating the order. Police will take any domestic calls very seriously when a person has an order of protection in place.

Adjusting to Changes in Your Life

An order of protection can be crucial for ensuring a person’s safety in the short-term, but survivors of domestic violence or abuse often take time to cope with the long-term effects on their lives. The healing process is gradual and unique to each individual, but these suggestions can help you on the path toward building a happier and healthier life for yourself:

  • See a therapist – Therapy is generally healthy for everyone, and it can help you mentally recover from abuse. A therapist is a person who will not judge you for your thoughts or actions but will help you work through them. Your therapist can also offer healing tools for your specific needs, addressing issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression.

  • Enjoy your freedom – Emotional abuse often goes hand in hand with domestic violence. Abusers may prevent their victims from talking to certain people or going places without supervision, or put financial restraints on their victims and attempt to take away their liberties. Removing yourself from the restraints of an abusive relationship often means you can begin living your life without fear of harm, and it is important to try to take time for yourself to find enjoyment in your life.

  • Forgive yourself – If you are an abuse survivor, you might still blame yourself for the failure of your relationship, or you may feel guilty about waiting so long to seek protection. An important part of the recovery process is learning to think more positively about yourself and recognizing that you are worthy of a better life than the one you had in your past relationship.

Contact a St. Charles Domestic Violence Attorney

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