Parenting plans outline the arrangements for child custody agreements and dictate when each divorced parent of a child spends time with their children. Parenting plans are often agreements that are negotiated between the two spouses, although sometimes they are court-ordered arrangements. Regardless of how a couple arrived at a parenting plan, there are some common issues surrounding these agreements. Below are the five most common issues, and how to prevent them.

Being Late for Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs

Sometimes parents run into unexpected circumstances, such as heavy traffic, when dropping off their child or picking their child up at the other parent’s home. While being late for an arranged pick-up or drop-off on occasion is not a call for concern, behaving in this way regularly may indicate a lack of respect for your ex’s time. It is always advised to try and be prompt for all pick-ups and drop-offs to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Canceling Plans Without Notice

Like being late for pick-ups and drop-offs, you may have to cancel plans that affect your parenting plan from time to time. While canceling plans may be necessary from time to time, try not to do it too often. It places a strain on your former spouse, as they will have to make different arrangements to ensure the child is supervised and cared for. If you must cancel your allotted parenting time, try to provide your former spouse with as much notice as possible.

Undermining Your Authority

It is not uncommon for one spouse to bad mouth their ex to their child, but it is an extremely harmful practice. Bad mouthing your ex will only undermine their parental authority, which could make it more difficult for both parents. It is also extremely unhealthy for the child involved. While you can ensure you do not bad mouth your former spouse in front of your child, you should also speak to a lawyer if you think your ex is speaking badly about you to your child.

Engaging in Unsafe Behaviors

When a parent engages in criminal conduct, substance abuse, or other unsafe behaviors, it is extremely dangerous for the child. Never engage in these unsafe behaviors and if you think your spouse is exposing your child to these activities, speak to a lawyer that can petition the court for a child custody modification.

Failing to Return the Child

When a parent does not return the child to the other parent on the allotted day, the courts may consider it an act of kidnapping. It is essential that you always return your child on the expected day, and that you speak to a lawyer if your former spouse commits this very serious violation.

Our Divorce Lawyers in Illinois can Help with These Issues

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