Chiropractors provide essential care for many patients, helping them address issues that affect their back, neck, and spine. As is true for other medical professionals, chiropractors are required to obtain and maintain a professional license. Unfortunately, some chiropractors may face discipline from the Illinois Board of Chiropractors/Physical Therapists based on fraud, substance abuse, unprofessional conduct, criminal convictions, or misleading advertising. In addition to avoiding these issues, chiropractors may also need to address complaints that they have provided substandard care to patients.

Complaints of Substandard Chiropractic Care

While spinal manipulations performed by chiropractors can provide many benefits for patients, they can sometimes have adverse effects. To minimize the risks of harm to patients, chiropractors should always focus on preserving and protecting a patient’s overall health, ensure that patients are fully informed, and refer patients to other medical providers when necessary. Claims of substandard care by chiropractors may be based on:

  • Lack of informed consent – Chiropractors should be sure that patients understand the treatment they will receive, the potential risks of a procedure, and the other options for treatment that may be available. In some cases, a patient may claim that they suffered an injury because a chiropractor did not fully inform them of this information or give them the opportunity to consult with other providers.
  • Failure to consider a patient’s medical history – Patients may have underlying health conditions that could increase the risks of injury during a chiropractic procedure, such as osteoporosis or cancer in the spine. Chiropractors should fully review a patient’s medical records to identify any concerns, and they may need to consult with other medical experts before providing treatment.
  • Failure to perform the proper diagnostic testing – X-rays or other imaging tests can provide a chiropractor with essential information about a patient’s condition, and they may uncover issues that could cause complications, such as bone abnormalities in the spine. A patient may claim that a chiropractor failed to order the necessary tests or properly consider test results.
  • Negligent manipulation of the neck and spine – If chiropractic procedures are not performed correctly, a patient may suffer injuries such as pinched nerves, herniated discs in the spine, fractured vertebrae, or damage to arteries in the neck, which can result in a stroke.

When defending against claims of substandard care, a chiropractor may provide documentation or other evidence showing that they followed all proper procedures and received informed consent from patients. By demonstrating a history of providing quality chiropractic care and following all applicable regulations, chiropractors can avoid disciplinary action that may affect their ability to continue to practice.

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