defense-lawyer.jpgNot all guilty verdicts are the same. Despite the fact that you may be convicted of a crime, how you reach that point can have a big impact on the eventual sentence you’ll receive for that crime. And considering some of the potential sentences that misdemeanor and felony level offenses carry in Illinois, it’s important that you have a lawyer by your side who can help with all aspects of your case, including sentencing.

Factors That Go Into Sentencing

While the facts of the case will determine whether you’re found innocent or guilty, the culmination of how your case is presented will go a long way in determining your sentencing. Even at sentencing, a smart argument from a lawyer can greatly reduce the sentence you’ll receive. We always work hard to help our clients win a dismissal, but if they are found guilty, our job doesn’t stop there. Just look at some of these sentences we’re been able to help negotiate for our clients.

  • Driving With A Suspended License – Facing a year in jail for a 12th violation of driving with a suspended license, Brett was able to negotiate a sentence that involved no jail time for his client.
  • DUI – Brett’s client faced her fifth DUI charge and a mandatory six year prison sentence, but by working with the prosecution ahead of trial, Brett was able to get his client a sentence of only 60 days of work-release along with drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Felony Firearm Possession – Facing three years in prison for felony weapon possession, Brett was able to secure a sentence of two years probation instead of prison time for his client.
  • Murder – A member of our team was able to point to a client’s abusive childhood in order to avoid a death penalty sentence in a 1993 homicide case.

So while you hopefully won’t need us to argue away a death penalty sentence, it’s important that you understand just how important good representation is at all stages of the trial. From negotiating with the prosecution before trial in an attempt to get the charges reduced or dropped to developing a case that focuses on your willingness to put a mistake in the past and become a better person, we can help you secure a favorable sentencing outcome or even get the charges dropped, like we’ve done for many clients in the past.

Don’t just assume that because you will likely be found guilty that it’s not important how you argue the case in court, because every moment in court can factor into your eventual sentence. Talk with a lawyer before trial, learn about your potential sentences and make a plan to put forth the best case to avoid a worst-case scenario in the event you are convicted on the charges.

For more information on how we’ll achieve this, or to read up on how we’ve made this possible for past clients, reach out to our offices for a free strategy session today.

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