Social media is a significant part of the lives of so many people today. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can help you connect with your support group, and you may find that particularly important when you are going through a divorce. Unfortunately, posting to social media usually hurts a person during divorce more than it helps. This is particularly true when you are going through child custody hearings. The best advice is to stay off social media altogether, but that is becoming quite difficult today. So, if you are going to use social media during this difficult time, avoid posting about the three things below to protect your case.

Venting About Your Case

Divorce is a frustrating experience. Your spouse may infuriate you, or you may adamantly disagree with decisions the judge makes in the case, such as if they award temporary custody to your ex until the divorce is finalized. Even though you may feel as though you need to vent about these things so you can feel better, your post can be held against you. A judge will not look kindly on you venting about them on social media and, if the judge deems it necessary, they may even issue a restraining order against you, making it difficult to see your spouse, and maybe even your children.

Your Social Life

You may think that going out for a night with your friends is not a big deal, and it probably is not. However, that does not mean that your spouse will not use photos of when you went out for drinks against you. Or, you may start dating and want to share your experiences on social media. Again, this could anger your spouse and cause them to use those posts against you. They may use pictures you post to show that you are not dedicated to your children, or that you are confusing them by bringing dates home, even if you are not. Limit talk of your social adventures to phone conversations with your loved ones and keep them off social media.

Activities Involving Your Children

You have to be very careful when posting about your children to social media while going through a divorce. Although it is true that posts showing your child’s recital or school plan can establish that you care about your children and their activities, they can also hurt you. Your spouse will scrutinize the pictures that you post looking for anything that could indicate that you are not a good parent.

Our Illinois Child Custody Lawyers Can Advise on Your Case

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