The Illinois Supreme Court today amended Rules 212, 306, 315, 316, 318, 341, 368, and 705.

The changes go into effect October 1.

Changes to Rule 212 outline new requirements for depositions taken in other jurisdictions and the use of depositions in refiled cases.

Changes to Rule 306 allow any party to request that the court order the circuit clerk to file additional records if a leave to appeal is allowed.

An amendment to Rule 315 provides that “The filing of a corrected opinion by the Appellate Court where no petition for rehearing was filed does ​not extend the time for a party to file a petition for leave to appeal.”

Changes to Rule 316 provide that in relation to appeals from the Appellate Court to Supreme Court on certificate, “[t]he length of the application and answer, if any, shall be governed by Supreme Court Rule 367. No answer to an application for a certificate of importance will be received unless requested by the Appellate Court.”

Rule 318 now specifies that when providing appellate court briefs to the Supreme Court, appellants may file e-filed and stamped copies of those briefs.

Changes to Rule 341 require appellate briefs to now include a table of contents.

Amendments to Rule 368 provide that in the context of issuances, stays, and recalls of mandates from reviewing courts, “[t]he filing of a corrected opinion where no petition for rehearing has been filed does not extend the time for transmission of the mandate.”

Amendments to Rule 705 make various changes to the rules governing admission by motion to the Illinois bar.

The amended Rules are available online.