On our busy streets and highways, unfortunately, car accidents happen more often than is expected. The results of the accidents may be mild or devastating, but more often, what happens falls somewhere in between those two. Sometimes, the injuries don’t surface until later. Be sure that you know what to do after the car accident so that you are prepared if you find that you need a car accident lawyer in Joliet, IL. Here are five critical steps to follow after a car accident has occurred and after an injury.

If you have had an accident, your long-term and short-term goals will always be recovery and compensation, regardless of whether you are at fault or not. If the other driver is at fault, then a car accident lawyer in Joliet, IL can help you find compensation and a path to recovery from the pain and suffering. In either case, injuries may not be immediately obvious, and that is why it is important to always follow these steps so that the necessary information is in place. Emotional distress and confusion after an accident are just as common as physical injury.

Stop and stay calm

Always stop at the scene of the accident and take note of the situation. If the other driver wishes to leave, take pictures of their license plate or other information that will allow them to be located later. Exchange as much information as you can with the other driver; it may be needed later when seeking compensation, and you will want to provide it to your car accident lawyer in Joliet, IL.

Stay calm, and don’t make any hasty decisions, even if pressured. Insurance companies often provide checklists of information needed, including what to do and whom to call after the incident. It’s a good idea to locate such a list and keep it with your paperwork. It’s also a good idea to have an idea of a good car accident lawyer in Joliet, IL, even before any incident has taken place. This will help you feel confident in whom you call after an incident, when you may not be thinking as clearly as a result of your experience.

Call police or 911

Whether or not there is an injury or severe damage, a collision report must still be filed. Call the police or 911. They will come to you, make a report, and document the scene. If they can’t come for any reason, go to the police station to make the report yourself. This is an essential step, regardless of whether you end up calling a car accident lawyer in Joliet, IL or not.

Exchange Information

While you wait for authorities, gather information from the other driver, and about the other vehicle. Take your own photographs, and take note of names, license plates, types of vehicles, the damage, and the location of each vehicle at the time of the accident. Also, note the names of passengers or witnesses. This information is for your use, for your insurance company, and for use later if you need to seek compensation with a car accident lawyer.

Seek medical attention

If you are injured or concerned in any way, see a doctor as soon as possible. Physical injuries that may not be immediately apparent are possible, and they may be life-changing. Mental and emotional distress or loss of work can also occur after an accident. That’s where a car accident lawyer in Joliet, IL really becomes essential.

Contact a lawyer

When a car accident happens, a lot goes wrong. The goal is recovery and compensation while recovery happens, and a car accident lawyer in Joliet, IL, is the best one to help you. They will provide the best advice. They have experience and the proper background knowledge to help and serve. Click here to learn more

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