Last week, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) released its long-awaited guidance on swimming during Phase 3 of the State’s Restore Illinois COVID-19 Plan. You can access the guidance here.
According to the IDPH, the following swimming facilities are not allowed to open during Phase 3 (with a few exceptions described below):
  • swimming pools and other facilities licensed by IDPH
  • water parks
  • splash pads
  • bathing beaches
  • spas and whirlpools
  • clubhouses
  • waiting areas/viewing areas
  • other commercial gathering places at swimming facilities
Swimming facilities can, however, be used for the following activities during Phase 3:
  • lap swimming
  • diving
  • swim lessons
  • swim team practices
  • therapy pool use
The IDPH guidelines require signage to be posted reminding everyone of state social distancing and face covering requirements. Employees and customers must wear face coverings when not actually engaging in swimming activities. Groups are limited to no more than 10 people although multiple groups of 10 people are permitted if (1) the facility can provide for social distancing; (2) 30 feet of distancing is maintained between groups; and (3) the group areas are clearly marked to avoid interaction between groups.
The IDPH guidance allows swimming facilities to serve food, but only for curb-side pick-up, delivery, or outdoor dining consistent with DCEO outdoor dining guidance.