In many ways, nurses are integral to a properly-functioning healthcare system. Nurses play an important role in patient care, especially because they are usually the ones who spend a majority of time with the patient. One of the tasks that nurses perform is documenting a patient’s history and medical care, also known as charting. Charting is an essential part of a nurse’s job and mistakes on a chart or an incomplete chart could result in injury or harm to the patient or in some cases, even death. Because of this, your nursing license could be at risk if you make a charting error. If you face disciplinary action related to a charting or documentation error, you should speak with an Illinois nursing license defense lawyer.

Common Documentation Errors

Proper charting and patient documentation are crucial for not only the patient’s health and safety, but also for your sake. Charting errors can lead to a slew of issues such as improper treatments, lack of treatment, permanent damage or even death to a patient. If a malpractice or other legal suit is filed pertaining to your patient and it was discovered that you made an error when you were charting, you could face serious consequences.

Charting and documentation errors can come in many different forms. Even though nurses are not the only ones responsible for a patient’s care, they are typically the ones who have the most contact with the patient and therefore usually have much responsibility for the patient’s wellbeing. One simple charting error could be the end of a nursing career. The most common charting errors include:

  • Not getting an accurate and up-to-date patient history
  • Missing notes or entries
  • Recording information on the wrong patient chart
  • Failing to record medications that have been given to the patient
  • Failing to record drug reactions or a change in the patient’s condition
  • Writing illegibly or unclearly
  • Improperly transcribing orders

An Illinois Nursing License Defense Attorney Can Help

It can be devastating to hear that a former patient of yours has suffered an injury or has passed away. It can be even more devastating when others allege that it happened because of a mistake on your part. If you have been accused of improperly charting or documenting your patient’s medical care, you should speak with a knowledgeable Illinois nursing license defense lawyer as soon as possible. At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC, we can help you fight any actions against your nursing license. To speak with our attorney, call our office today at 630-310-1267 to schedule a consultation.




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