Bria of Forest Edge releases COVID-19 statistics showing 131 COVID infections and 1 death.  Levin & Perconti, Illinois nursing home lawyers launch investigation into gross negligence in preventing the spread of COVID-19

On May 15, 20202, Bria of Forest Edge: located in Chicago, Illinois, released long term care outbreak data reporting of laboratory confirmed COVID-19 outbreak cases.  These statics confirm that 131 infections and 1 death have occurred at the facility during the COVID-19 outbreak.

On April 16, 2020, Chicago’s very own WGN 9 News reported on the COVID-19 outbreak at Bria of Forest Edge Nursing Home, describing a facility that has been ill-equipped to handle the virus outbreak and an overall failure to protect its residents and staff members. At the time of the article, two employees at the facility had died due to COVID-19, however as the article explains the flow of information from management to the workers on the ground has been non-existent. Lakisha Collins, a CNA at the facility explains she found out about the deaths of her coworkers on the local news and heard nothing from her superiors at the facility regarding these deaths.