Interstate 290 was closed for several hours on Sunday, May 15, as Illinois State Police investigated a truck crash that took the life of a driver. The fatal chain-reaction crash, involving three semi-trailers, happened at about 11:03 a. m. in the eastbound lanes of the Eisenhower Expressway near St. Chares Road in Elmhurst. All three trucks were driving in the center-right lane when the driver of one of the trucks lost control and hit another truck. That vehicle then collided with a third truck on the highway. Two of the trucks became engulfed in flames upon impact.

The fiery truck accident resulted in the death of  Jamin R. Perry, of Brainerd, Minnesota, the driver who initially lost control. The other drivers were identified as Simon Karkusashvili, of Brooklyn, New York, and Dhindsa Yadwinder-Simgh, of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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