IL traffic lawyerIf you are a driver, it is likely that you will be pulled over for some sort of violation during your lifetime. Traffic citations can range from something small such as forgetting to use your blinker to more serious matters such as excessive speeding. The penalties of these violations depend entirely on the type of violation you are charged with.

Pleading a Traffic Ticket

Each time an officer issues a traffic ticket, they must inform the person receiving the ticket whether or not they are required to appear in court. If you are required to appear, you have no choice but to attend a hearing in traffic court. If you are not required to appear in court, you have a couple of options: you can pay the fine and receive a conviction, pay the fine and request supervision or plead not guilty and request a trial.

Before Your Hearing

Even though traffic court is technically different from criminal court, you should still treat it with the same amount of respect. If you do attend a traffic hearing, you should treat it as if you are attending a criminal hearing. Dressing appropriately for the hearing is important. Women should wear a blouse and a skirt or dress pants, while men should wear a button-down or polo shirt with dress pants. You should also be sure you arrive at the traffic court on time and prepared.

Starting the Trial

For many cases heard in traffic court, the trial is a bench trial, meaning only the judge and no jury will decide your fate. If you wish, however, you may request a trial by jury. At the initial hearing, you typically only speak your guilty or not guilty plea to the judge, though sometimes your trial will commence the same day. The judge will explain how the trial will proceed and your rights.

During the Trial

The prosecution has the burden of proving your guilt during traffic court cases. If you are being charged with violating a municipal ordinance, the prosecution only has to prove that you committed the offense “by a preponderance of the evidence,” meaning it is more likely than not that you committed the offense. If you are charged with violating state law, it must be proved “beyond a reasonable doubt.”


Petty traffic offenses may contain sentences that require you to pay fines and court costs, attend traffic safety school or have a conviction on your record. If you are found guilty of a more serious traffic offense, the judge may order you to pay fines and court costs, attend traffic safety school, conduct community service, or any combination of these.

An Oak Brook, IL Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help

If you have been told that you are required to appear in traffic court, you should have a skilled DuPage County traffic ticket lawyer by your side. Even if you are not required to appear in court, but are contesting your ticket, an attorney can be an invaluable asset to your case. At Myers Law LLC, we can help you with any traffic violation you may be facing. To schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation, call our office today at 630-390-8563.