Last week I had the opportunity to speak at Rocket Aid, the virtual legal conference hosted by Rocket Matter. I spoke with Larry Port on one of my favorite topics: Going Paperless.

If you did not attend, you missed a great conference. The best part is that the conference had almost 500 attendees and raised more than $22,000 for COVID-19 related charities.

I had a great time, both during my session and during the sessions that I attended. The sessions I attended were informative. Plus, I really enjoyed the virtual conference format. It’s certainly not the same as attending a conference and person, and I wouldn’t want to attend all of my conferences in this way. However, in this instance, I thought it was a definite win.

Larry Port of Rocket Matter has published a blog post about the conference talking about how things went and discussing 10 things to consider if you or an organization you are involved with is considering hosting a virtual conference. I urge you to check out the post here.

It’s likely that you will soon have the opportunity to participate in a virtual conference. I urge you to check it out.