Back in September, the 7th Circuit held firm on a procedural defect in the district court’s order to remand this lawsuit over the 2019 corn syrup advertising and packaging campaign that Anheuser kicked off with the now infamous Super Bowl ads declaring that some MillerCoors beer products utilize corn syrup as part of the brewing process.

The district court case has been heated and many of the documents have remained sealed to keep expert reports regarding the exact amount of corn syrup compounds in the final beer products from reaching the public. A point that Judge Easterbrook noted during the initial oral argument.

The case expanded from an injunction on certain advertisements to cover others and packaging and those issues were briefed a while ago and given the learning curve for creating oral argument processes in a COVID-19 world, it took a little time for the oral argument to happen. But yesterday, the parties received their day in court.

You can download and listen to the full audio here: